40 love - trailer
A 22 year old statistics whiz, Beek, sets out on a cross country road trip to New York City with the hopes of convincing one of the world’s greatest tennis stars he can help her defeat her most challenging rival in the upcoming championship tournament.
The film is available for rent and purchase on Amazon Prime, iTunes, Apple TV plus and has an exclusive SVOD deal on Netflix. The trailer has accrued tens of thousands of views online among these platforms and YouTube.
Mack & Rita "Friends" - SPOT
Mack & Rita "ROMANCE" - SPOT
AS OF YET - trailer
Told entirely through video calls and digital diaries, the film navigates a problematic roommate and a burgeoning romance all while locked down during the Coronavirus pandemic. 
As Of Yet has received numerous accolades including the Nora Ephron Award at the Tribeca Film Festival with an exclusive STARZ SVOD deal.
Director, Cinematographer & Editor
Mary Dyer, a Puritan-turned-Quaker proto-feminist of the 1600s, represents the religious turmoil in the new colonies. Mary Dyer is most often represented as a religious martyr, dying for the freedom to worship as a Quaker. Moreover, some say her actions represent the fight for autonomy as an early champion for female rights while others say her story takes much humbler roots. Mary Dyer: The Tale of a Martyr explores the mystery behind Mary Dyer's legacy and the challenge deriving her true motivations.
Saving Faith - short film
Director, Cinematographer & Editor
Father Douglas Al-Bazi travels to Papatoetoe, New Zealand to lead St. Addai Chaldean Catholic Church. As he enters into the town, people begin to learn about his time as an ISIS captive. Father Al-Bazi shares his stories of torture by ISIS and his struggle to keep his faith. "Saving Faith" reveals the perseverance of Father Al-Bazi and the Iraqi community following one of the most hostile times in Iraq's history.
Awarded "Best of the Fest Student Film" at the Inspired Faith Film Festival
"We Lost a country to call home"
"Love it or leave it"
"When you love you are fine"
Cheesesteak City - documentary
Production Assistant
The story of the families, the controversies, and the changing city that gave birth to an iconic sandwich. From changing demographics to the opioid epidemic, from generational conflicts to organized crime, from depression-era humble beginnings to national recognition and fame—the story of the cheesesteak is the story of Philadelphia.
"Philly's been the world's best kept secret"
"I think that a lot of people outside Philly don't realize what Philadelphia really is"
"If you're going to reduce an entire city to a sandwich you better get the story straight"
Rena - short film
Director, Cinematographer & Editor
Rena Finder shares her somber story of surviving one of the most devastating events in human history. She narrowly survives the horrors of Auschwitz through the help of Oskar Schindler. Rena compares the tragedies of the concentration camps to the conflicts between nations today.  
"There are strange things happening in this world... it sends me back to 100 years ago"
"We grew up overnight"
"There were some girls laughing at how horrible they looked; I didn't think it was funny"
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